Social Intranet

A social intranet is a software platform designed to promote the exchange of information and cooperation within companies. However, there is still a lack of clarity in corporate circles about what social intranets and especially enterprise social networks actually are and how they are used. Many companies want to face the changes that have become necessary due to the digital revolution, but do not know how. We will explain today!

Classical Intranet vs. Social Intranet

Strengths and weaknesses of a classic intranet

Companies have been working with internal company networks for as long as there have been desktop PCs. The so-called intranet is characterized by the fact that not everyone has access to it, but only registered users of certain groups of people. Classical intranets are characterized by a hierarchical top-down structure. Users can read contributions, but cannot always comment on or share them. Although editorial content can be easily shared, users have little influence on the content themselves.

And then came Social Intranet

The emergence of social networks in the early 2000s also changed the intranet. Real-time interaction characterizes the 21st century. Statistical forms of communication such as emails are being skilfully replaced by “activity streams”. Previous structures have been fundamentally turned upside down and even overturned. Agile times, aren’t they?

But what does an intranet “social” do?

In order for an intranet to become truly “social”, additional functions must be available. Members can create and edit their own profiles, collaborate in groups and discuss. These features give the intranet a flat hierarchy. The communication is drastically simplified, processes become more transparent and the own members are motivated to actively participate in creating content. This means that users create their own virtual space.

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of the companies use a social intranet for internal communication

But what can you expect?

Quick decisions in teams

Time is money! Concentrate on your core processes. Voting on important decisions can be unnecessarily protracted by numerous e-mails and meetings. A social intranet, on the other hand, ensures transparency and survey functions provide the necessary speed. Extensive freedom to get involved and a quick overview of all activities in the company is what counts.

Social Intranets as the digital memory of your organization

Knowledge management – repetition of discussions is a thing of the past. Topics that have already been discussed are found again, research times for finding old results are reduced and contact persons can be found more quickly. A clearly arranged file module illustrates current progress, so every employee sees the current state of affairs.

Better and more effective cooperation

Creating a completely new corporate culture is another good point of the Social Intranet. Many companies have already recognized this and benefit from the fact that employees can also exchange ideas outside of meetings or coffee-kitchen conversations and directly record ideas in writing. This has advantages for the overall company efficiency.

Social collaboration as an integrated core component

These features include comprehensive task management, a calendar and the ability to coordinate teamwork in groups. The Social Intranet bundles all this in one place, increasing transparency and efficiency. Also, in organizations that already use a social intranet, fewer e-mails are sent and files are stored centrally and always accessible. This means that all people involved in a project have the same level of information and can link directly to the work status of a colleague without barriers.

E-mail reduction
Shorter meetings
Faster decision making


What makes a good Social Intranet?

A social intranet alone will not help you. It must be integrated into your daily life and be able to map your processes instead of trying to transform your company. A user interface that is standardized according to the corporate design or corporate identity of the company can promote the employees’ sense of belonging within the company.

This is precisely where FMP, as a social intranet specialist, comes in. Your internal organizational structures provide the framework for this. Across departments and teams, we provide for a stimulating communication and apps, which depict procedures, structured knowledge and processes of the company. So you can access information at any time and work much more flexibly!

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