Corporate Values

Every company acts according to certain values. So also the FMP. Our corporate values are the cornerstones of our daily work – in the consulting and project business, as well as in interpersonal relationships. Our values as partners, fair, responsible and innovative shape our interaction within the FMP as well as dealing with our customers, suppliers, employees and all other business partners. The satisfaction of our partners is for us the most important quality standard and thus the foundation of our company’s success. 


We also refer to our customers and suppliers as partners. For us, our customers come first and we are united by a close cooperation. A trusting relationship at “eye level” with our partners and within the company is therefore our top priority.

Fair and appropriate dealings with one another are of central importance to us in our day-to-day business. This applies both in our relationship with our business partners and within the company. Fairness lays the foundation for long-term and trusting cooperation and always takes priority over short-term profit maximisation. Our actions are designed to ensure that all partners involved benefit.

We assume responsibility towards our customers and suppliers, for whom we are a reliable and fair partner. We also have responsibility for our employees, for whom we want to secure an attractive job in the long term. As part of our social responsibility, we are particularly involved in sports and charitable activities. For us, responsibility is ultimately also an awareness of the need to manage limited resources in a sustainable manner.

For us, innovation means the constant striving for improvement, whether through internal process optimization or the implementation of creative ideas in forward-looking products and services. Our goal is to inspire our employees through a creative and innovative working environment. Because Walter Chrysler already knew that enthusiasm is the true secret of success.